Too good to be true?

For HEALTH SYSTEMS DIRECT first blog we wanted to discuss our company and how we do business before we get into the fun stuff that will follow in the blogs to come.

We want to start by answering a couple of the most common questions we hear when we contact a bride, and what we see people asking on different online forums also. Here they are.

How did you get my information?

We attend hundreds of TRADE shows around the country and work with many PROFESSIONALS, websites, and magazines. Sometimes when you are SIGNING up for so much stuff at these shows and online that you get confused and frustrated, and we understand that. If you are not interested in what we have to offer, we respect that. If you don’t answer after a couple calls we don’t call back, and if you tell us you aren’t interested we remove you from our list.

How can you guys afford to give away these promotional gifts with no purchase required?

Every business has a marketing budget. How businesses spend this money is their decision. TOGETHER WITH OUR MANUFACTURERS OVER THE PAST 30 YEARS WE have found that what works best for our market and our product, is to OFFER incentives to watch our healthy LIVING AND cooking demonstrations.  So basically we order these PROMOTIONAL packages in bulk, go to TRADE shows and other PUBLIC events and offer these packages to ATTENDEES AND REGISTRANTS in exchange for their time to watch our healthy LIVING AND cooking show. We have found this to be more effective than TV commercials, radio advertisements, website advertising, billboards, etc. So if you receive an offer FROM HEALTH SYSTEMS DIRECT, understand that this is where we put our advertising dollars therefore this is why we can afford to do so, even if you do not purchase anything from us.


The answer to this question is ABSOLUTELY NOT.

The, SANTOKU KNIVES AND CUSTOM PRINT ARE FREE  however you have to pay S&H cost of APPROXMATELY $15 TO $20. FOR EACH Sure beats the full price.

So when I go online and see PEOPLE asking OTHERS if this offer is “too good to be true.” I just wish they would take a little bit more time to think about and understand our advertising methods instead of just chalking it up as “another scam.” TOGETHER WITH OUR MANUFACTURERS WE HAVE been in the business for over 30 years and have tens of thousands of happy customers. Our EVENTS are educational, informative, and entertaining. And we hope you guys all feel the same way!

And remember. You did not WIN anything. None of this is free. This was not a sweepstakes. So when we see stuff like that online it really bothers us. If you hear any of our employees use words like “win” “contest” or “sweepstakes” please ask for a manager or email us at and report them immediately.